Project Description

Nemass de Boer watersports insurances

Broad financial services

Nemass de Boer offers high-quality financial services. They do this to private individuals in Noord-Holland and to companies throughout the Netherlands. A great deal of service is provided by specialists in every field. They assist their clients with all their financial decisions regarding home & mortgage, (company) insurance, entrepreneurship, saving, investing, pension, death, unemployment and disability.

Specialist in watersports insurance

One of Nemass de Boer most specialized advisers is racing skipper and international competitive sailor KlaasJan Kroon. He combines his knowledge and experience at the cross road where water sports and insurance meet. Since his early childhood, KlaasJan has been an active sailor and regular participant (solo and manned) in many annual Dutch sailing and  international races. He received up to 5 times the Silver Pennant from the Dutch Association of Coastal Sailors and won the C.A.M.Race as a co-skipper in 2012.
Contact KlaasJan Kroon phone +31(0)6 37 300 034