Project Description

Corderie Henri Lancelin | Sharing the passion for ropes

Four generations of rope manufacturing

Lancelin is one of worlds leading rope manufacturers for the sailing industry. Lancelin is not only the main supplier of almost all big French boatyards, but also preferred supllier of many of the important French ocean racing teams, such as Sodebo and Actual.

Customize to order

Unlike most other rope manufacturers Lancelin does not produce to stock, but customize to order. This gives customers much more flexibility in styles, colours and technology of covers.  Therefore it is relatively easy and especially fast to make innovative products.

Co-operation with Dutch Olympic team

Lancelin and Rake Rigging support the Dutch Olympic team in the Nacra, 49er and 49er Fx since the Rio de Janeiro Olympic games. This co-operation has lead to an entire new range of high tech dingy lines including Dinghytune©.